All staff:

You should have received login information by email for this site as well as Sugar. You shoul also have received an email from (Administrator) explaining more about Sugar as well as the documention for it.

My email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I suggest you create an account at I have entered the information for the school but has not yet been approved so you may want to way a day or so.


November - 2013

The prices list for schools and organizations is here. I will continue to edit and expand it so you may want to review it again from time to time but the link will be the same. If you want to copy and paste into documents use this:

If you have a particular organzation you plan to approach or situation you want to discuss don't hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to create specific web pages, printable materials, and proposals for presentation. In fact, I will also obtain specific courses if we don't already have them. Please remember to always plan on at least two to four  weeks for delivery of course content if it's going to take me creating a new site for them. However, I can do a lot in a hurry if it means you making the sale.  


This link may be helpful, it takes you or the customer to a list of our vocational courses.


There are two videos on the page below. I just realized the vocational video still doesn't appear but I'll fix that soon. Feel free to use this link for your customers although it's more for churches, it is also helpful for  community organizations.


~ Don


October - 2013

I have added a page of marketing tips here.


INPORTANT - your user menu appears at the very bottom of the page once you sign in. Whenever I add additional resources for you it will appear in a new menu link there. This is not viewed by the public.

I am changing the pricing page and will integrate it with Sugar. This will allow a parent to only register through the marketing staff. I will provide you each with your own signup form. The form information will be sent directly to you, Candace and myself (Don). 

There is a link on the user menu to the forum. This is only used by staff so you can create your own topics. If you need me to create a category just drop me an email. 

On the user menu there is a link to the marketing team. Each of you have a page here that can include links to your social networks, photos, and any other information you like. For now you can email me whatever you would like to see there. Later I will give you author privledges for your page and you can edit it yourself once I've had a chance to make a tutorial. 



Previous postings:

All staff have a "special" access level that allows you to see things on a staff user menu that others can't see even when signed in as a student.

The customer relationship software called Sugar CRM is here

Overview video about what Sugar is, here.

Extensive videos on Sugar admin here.

The Learning Management Systems are Moodle and Claroline.

Screenshot of Claroline course menu.

Screenshot of Clarline LMS full page.

Screenshot of Music course overview.

The staff forum is here.


Sample of our curriculum.

Sample of online textbook.


Example of branded Christian school site.

Link to video about what we can do for churches and community organizations.


Branded site - this is a site with their church name on it that brings their students into our materials and we provide all administration. 

  • Requires no large startup fee
  • Online school can be used with or without a brick-and-mortar school.
  • A great option for small churches because it requires almost no staff or maintenence because we do everything for them.
  • The branded site can include their sermons, their own bible lessons, etc.

Custom built vitrual school

  • Can include off-the-shelf curriculum or original of their own design.
  • Custom designed curriculum can include multiple languages.
  • Can be brick-and-mortar or online or both.
  • Includes planning stages, proposal, draft, and final. Timeline and payment options. 

Learning center

  • Great for community organizations
  • Multiple grades and ages in small area. (church or community organization)