From the smallest rural church to the toughest inner city mission the problems are the same. Churches struggle with dwindling memberships and less money to keep the lights on. Often it’s impossible to pay full-time salary and benefits to fill the pulpit. Yet we must continue the task to which God has called us.  Right now the local church has an unprecedented opportunity to expand ministry efforts even beyond the local community.


There are simple tools, technology and methods that enable any pastor to focus entirely on full time ministry without being hindered by financial needs. These are easy to use technology services that require minium staff and minimum of training to use.

Automated educational programs can help you increase church finances and see exponential growth in the reach of your ministry. We can create complete, custom or branded educational websites, adult, K-12, and vocational curriculum, live online tutoring, bible courses, missionary training, and more. With many years of experience in all areas of ministry and Christian education, we are also pioneers in online learning. 

If you already have a brick-and-mortor school and would like to add online curriculum and/or vocational courses we can help.

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