To move people beyond Christianity and Religious traditions, into a full understanding of the Kingdom of God’s culture and principles.


Our purpose is to see people applying the principles of the Kingdom of God in their lives, enabling them to live victoriously and allowing the government of God to be manifested in the earth through them.

KPCC’s mandate is to help you discover your personal assignment and prepare you for your destiny by providing the necessary encouragement, support, resources, instruction, and accountability in order to align you with the culture of the Kingdom of God so that you may bring these principles to bear in your sphere of cultural influence.

KPCC is being built on the foundation of biblical truth, which determines how we view God, ourselves, and others. The expression of those views is reflected in our values. These values are what we have determined to be most important to us, and therefore they are the standards by which we live our lives, and set priorities for our community of faith.

We Value GOD !

We value complete devotion to Jesus Christ and His cause and consider it normal for  every believer to have a growing personal relationship with Him.

We value authenticity and the hunger for continuous spiritual growth in our personal lives. We know that God desires a growing relationship with each one of us.

We value the presence of the miraculous in our midst, especially through the gifts of  the Holy Spirit. God does not change, and His power is as available to us today as it was to the early church.

We value public celebrations where we seek to connect with God through dynamic praise and worship along with relevant teaching and preaching, as catalysts for transformation in the lives of individuals and the church.
We value prayer, both individually and corporately, as vital, effective, and real communication with God.

We know that God is the creator of the universe and we are made in His image, therefore God desires us to use creativity in every area of our lives.

We Value PEOPLE !

We value doing life together and encouraging healthy relationships that permeate every aspect of our lives.

We value people who do not yet know Jesus Christ. They matter so much to God and, therefore they matter to us, His church.

We value world missions and devote significant time, energy, and money towards developing and sending people and materials to reach the nations with the Love of God.

We value the unity of all believers and will honor and support other life-giving churches and individuals who love God.
We value small groups as places where people can grow spiritually and build relationships.
We value the stewardship of spiritual gifts and participation of all believers in ministry and service.
We value being culturally relevant as a church while remaining doctrinally pure.